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    Aug 12, 2015
    EDIT: I created a thread with the exact same content, but it was mentioned that it would better fit in here.

    Hey there,

    I'm using the EUR version of the game, but I want to "convert" the created cheats to the US version too.

    I could need some help to research things in Etrian Odyssey IV.
    I want to create some inf health codes.

    I had gain some information for myself:
    The character information in battle are stored in 0846XXXX.
    The Health specifically that can go done (not the maximum value) is stored in 0846XXXC.

    You can set health out battle for example for the Front-Top member in 08205E98.
    The value thats written there will be copied to 0846XXXC. But the XXX part is random it seems.
    How can I get this random value or maybe it isn't random and can be gained through some other address value?

    Hopefully somebody that have interest and the knowledge to help me with this problem, can help me.
    Further information can gained through me if needed.

    Thx for any help.
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