Help with gathering info for flashing drive

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    Ok,I have been trying to gather info on howto flash an Xbox 360, since I am getting one soon, but I am sorry, the info at Xbox-Scene ether seems to be out of date or just hard to look though, so I felt asking here would be easier.

    Rather then just giving me a link and saying "here you go", could you guys just list out the steps I will need to do.

    Ok, from what I have been reading, it seems most 360's right now are being ship BenQ drives, so lets just assume the one in my 360 is the same drive. So, I will be needing a SATA port and info on what I need to do to flash it. I mainly use a labtop, but do have an old desktop, so can I get a SATA ExpressCard, or would a PCI card for my old PC be better? Also, once the 360 is open, what really should I do to flash it? Thanks in advance for helping.
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    yeah, i was about to link to that .pdf.

    It is the best guide available to guide you through flashing a 360.

    Good Luck.