1. mrwright123

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    Sep 1, 2003
    First of all I would like to thank this website and the team for many years of service and info. I come here daily just to see the new nds and wii games. I can't boot the gs lite it just has a black screen. Before posting I read the tutorial but it like a foreign language to me. I downloaded the newest Gs Lite update. But two things, where is the G6loader.sys and g6verify.sys files and once found where do you put them. Where is the root directory. I just tried opening the G loader in my computer to just look at the files but none say or look like G6loader.sys or g6verify.sys. These files aren't on the G6lite loader as well. I have a had my g6 for two years no problem hopefully with your advice it will work again. Can someone please post how to update with exact picture icons and where to move the files and what folders to put them into?
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