Help with Brawl on Wiikey (move if necessary...)

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    Dec 9, 2012

    I remember playing Brawl NTSC-J back when it came out on my Wii, modded with Wiikey. Since I haven't touched my Wii in a long time I decided to try and play some of the recent games, Xenoblade works fine, which I backed up with a +R DL disc.
    Anyway recently I attempted to burn NTSC-U SSBB, +R DL, 4 attempts, all failed, simply getting the question mark icon, meaning it can't read the disc. originally I just burned the game, then I changed the layer break with IMGBURN, then I attempted to clean burn with brickblocker and finally I tried BrickBlocker and Layer Break change.
    I also attempted to back up a DVD5 PAL version, 3 occassions, I get the black screen stating Corrupt Wii system files.
    I have my Wiikey up-to-date, and like I said NTSC-J worked fine back when SSBB was released and Wiikey released the update for it.

    Any suggestions on what to do?