help with 4.0e please

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    Jul 25, 2009
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    please help i have just installed homebrew channel on my wii 4.0e. when i loaded channel there is nothing there, my question is how do i install wads and apps to homebrew channel. i have created wad file and apps file on sd card and downloaded folders which have not worked. i have a wii on 4.1u and have no problems with the backup loaders on that. i have even tried copying everything from that memory to the new one with no avail so please can anyone help me
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    using HBC is not that difficult.

    First format the card to FAT(32). Formatting deltes everything on the card, so make a backup of whats already on it.

    You got the second step correct, which is to create an apps folder and wad folder on the sd card.
    Put your wads in the wad folder.

    Now to run apps with HBC, create a new folder in the apps folder for every app.
    In those folders, you can place the app itself (the .dol). Don't forget to rename it to BOOT.dol
    You can also put your icon.png and meta.xml there (if any).

    To install the wads, run wad manager and select IOS249 (i hope you have a cIOS), then from SD card.