HELP! Wi-Fi dongle and a Nintendo DS?

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    Jun 27, 2009
    I have a Cheat Cartridge that can either be updated either by tapping in all of the cheat codes and names, or it can be put on via Wi-Fi. (If you saw all of the Pokemon Platinum cheats that the website has for the device, you'd want a better way of putting them on. I ended up tapping them on, and the cheats won't work. That's probably 700+ cheats)
    What sort of USB dongle do I need.
    I am in a bit of a sticky place because i haven't got a clue with USB technology and internet gaming.
    If you do answer please put your answer in an understandable language.
    (Not to advertise, it an i-cheat cart.)

    PS. Sorry i didn't know where to put this (topic i mean.)
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    anything other than the official NINTENDO wifi adapter its pretty much usless for anything other than DS GAMING homebrew and stuff like this will SIMPLY NOT WORK unless you mess about and hack it to work like a normal USB wifi adapter which is ... a) a pita to do and b) a normal WIFI adapter is probably cheaper!

    you can go for the USB stick type wifi adapter

    or the ROUTER with WIFI built in ..

    or like me have a wired router/modem with a WIFI wireless Access Point plugged into it via an Ethernet cable to give all my wireless devices Internet access from my Wired Router modem as it was cheaper and easier for me to do [​IMG]
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    Well if you specifically want a USB Dongle, then you have 2 main choices. If I were you I'd grab an actual wireless router. Companies like Linksys or Netgear generally make very good routers.

    For USB Dongles you have:

    - WiFi Link WiFi Link - DX - This USB Dongle can handle more than just a DS or Wii, it can handle pratically anything with Wi-Fi capabilities. It serves as an Access Point.
    - Nintendo USB Connector (Buy a used one at any Gamestop for $20) - This dongle can either be left as is but you can only use Nintendo Services such as Nintendo WFC. Or if you have a Windows XP or below you can hack it to copy the features of WiFi Link and use it as an access point.

    But seriously, buy a wireless router. much better than ANY dongle.

    ~ Jon