HELP! Wi-Fi dongle and a Nintendo DS?

Discussion in 'NDS - Flashcarts and Accessories' started by VergilsB*tch, Jun 29, 2009.

  1. VergilsB*tch

    VergilsB*tch Newbie

    Jun 27, 2009
    I have a Cheat Cartridge that can either be updated either by tapping in all of the cheat codes and names, or it can be put on via Wi-Fi. (If you saw all of the Pokemon Platinum cheats that the website has for the device, you'd want a better way of putting them on. I ended up tapping them on, and the cheats won't work. That's probably 700+ cheats)
    What sort of USB dongle do I need.
    I am in a bit of a sticky place because i haven't got a clue with USB technology and internet gaming.
    If you do answer please put your answer in an understandable language.
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