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    i install in my wii this files "4.2_Hack"
    and my wii working with usb DISK ok from USB Loader
    and my firewire WAS 4.2e before i install "4.2_Hack" was 4.2e (olso i have in my wii modchip now my wii run beckup disk + USB DISK)
    now i need to add new ISO
    for- Run from USB Loader Guide " Guitar Hero 5"
    please help me add the new ISO HOW ???
    please i need step by step

    this is what i do for hacking my wii
    ---------------------------------------------TEXT FILE
    Step 1:

    Backup anything on your SD Card you might want then format it or just delete all files.
    Then unzip the SD Card straight to the root of your SD Card.

    Step 2:

    Put the SD Card into the Wii and select Data Management from Wii settings, then click SD (On 4.2 just click the SD icon on the main channel page).
    You should be presented with a "Load boot.dol/.elf" message, click OK.
    You are now into the HackMii installer.

    Step 3:

    In the HackMii installer go ahead and install Bootmii (To both IOS and Boot2 if possible)
    Then install HBC, followed by DVDx and then exit the HackMii installer.

    (NOTE: Some people are having issues seeing this part, this is your TV and it needs to support NTSC/60hz, try some different cables (HD) or another TV)

    Step 4: (This is for 4.2 Only, if you are under 4.2 skip to step 6)

    Unrar 2 to your SD Card overwriting anything it asks.
    Now you will see a HBC icon on your channels page when your Wii restarts.
    Click it and once loaded it will display a bunch of apps.
    The first thing we want to do is press "HOME" on the Wii remote and choose BootMii.
    You should now be in Wad Manager after about 5-10 seconds or so.

    Step 5:

    You will be prompted to select which IOS to use, just leave this and press A.
    You will now be able to select SD Card, so do that.
    Now you'll see 4 .wad files, select each one (one at a time) and choose "Uninstall"
    After all 4 have Uninstalled you can exit Wad Manager by restarting the Wii.

    Step 6:

    Unrar 3 to your SD Card overwriting any files.
    Put the SD Card back into the Wii.
    Start HBC again, press "HOME" and choose BootMii.
    After around 5-10 seconds or so you will be loaded into CIOSrev14 Installer.
    When prompted to change the IOS, select "Do not reload IOS"
    Then choose WAD install and press A.
    You now have CIOSrev 14 and are able to run backups.

    Step 7:

    Restart the Wii and open HBC again.
    This time you just want to open Wad Manager from the HBC screen (Not by pressing HOME and Bootmii)
    Once open choose IOS249 when it asks what IOS to use (It will probably already be selected)
    Next choose SD Card and then install "Neo.wad", then exit.
    You should now be done and have NEO gamma on your main channels page.

    Step 8 - FINAL:

    Open HBC again, this time choose DOP-IOS and press A.
    In DOP-IOS, choose to download IOS60 (IOS70 if you have 4.2) and trucha patch it.

    Done !!
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    New iso? Erm...I take it that'll be IOS (from Input/Output System).

    For Guitar hero 5 (and other guitar games), you need Hermes's IOS222/223 (on v4, it's a merge of IOS38 and IOS 37).

    I'd provide a step-to-step tutorial, but to be honest, I think you shouldn't be messing with this kind of stuff if you can't tell the difference between an IOS and an ISO.


    Ah, what the heck? Here you go. It's not like I really care whether you brick your wii in the process or not.