Help unbanning my 3DS without eshop access. (Error 005-5964)

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    Jul 5, 2018
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    I brought a New Nintendo 3DS XL that had been preowned. Upon opening the Nintendo E-shop, it gave me this error: (005-5964)
    Nintendo Support wasn't any help, so I took matters into my own hands.

    I came to the conclusion that it was a console ban, since trying to format the 3DS in system settings was no use and just gave me the same error. (005-5964)
    Ultimately I ended up formatting the sysnand and emunand with TinyFormat, through the only entrypoint I have, that being stickerhax. But yet again when launching the E-shop it gave me that same error.
    That's when I knew it wasn't just a NNID ban.

    So I'm desperately trying to figure out if there is any way at all to lift a console ban without access to the eshop, using only the homebrew launcher.
    I'm more than happy to purchase an R4i 3DS Card if I need to, but before spending any money I'm just deciding to give it my last shot and ask anyone in these forums if I'm able to fix this problem under my circumstances.

    If anyone happens to know how to solve my problem, a step by step tutorial will be more than appreciated.
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    Jul 5, 2018
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    From what I have read. There isnt a way to get rid of a hardware ban. As its preowned it does exactly figure you got that. Best thing to do is look at seeing if by any chance you can return it or get a new one.
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    I'm reading accounts of (005-5964) bans because of either stolen or deactivated credit cards tied to the systems. The stolen credit card scenario is fixable if you call Nintendo to unban it. The other scenario may have been the previous owner did a charge back to get money back form transaction dispute, so Nintendo perma-banned the console in retaliation as business bridge has been burned.

    Yah, there's no way to fix that latter case. You can try calling Nintendo to explain you're a new owner buying second hand used, but they rarely make exceptions or any in undoing perma-bans.
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