[HELP] Top screen displays wrong colors

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    Dec 8, 2006
    Oh why, hello thar. I'm rather new to the forums but I've been reading GBA Temp's homepage ever since I acquired my NDSL .

    And since that time until this very day, many things have happened . One of them is my favorite little bidisplayed console having a ... " plastic surgery " , by which I changed its shell to a transparent Shocki . But anyway, that's not what brings me here.

    My upper screen has started to do something very weird. I started noticing this .. issue.. a couple of weeks ago, with CO4 ( great game , I recommend it ) , but I thought it was related to the game itself and in fact it's not.

    Colors ( any color ) turns either purple or green , at random ( meaning white pixels usually remain white but any other color might turn into green or purple/violet ). This I reckon is probably not an issue of the screen itself, since it works perfectly if i don't put a hand on my DS , but it's rather triggered by the usage of the L shoulder button. Of course moving the console by other means might also produce the same effect, but for instance right now it is impossible for me to play a game using L without triggering this unbearable interference.

    What do you guys think this is caused by ?. Should I check the cable that connects the motherboard to the upper screen ? or maybe it's just an interference between the contacts of the shoulder button and that cable ? Anyone else who's experienced this problem ? Any helpful comment on how to proceed ? ( don't tell me to send it to the a specialized service cause not only is such a thing inexistent in my country but having modified my console so heavily I wouldn't do it if there was one either ).

    Thanks in advance ,