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    Can someone give me an advice? Sorry for the bad english onwards, but I think I really need one as of now. Lately, I noticed that my girlfriend had lots of calls on her phone, and when I ask who is it, she always hungs it up quickly and she said it's one of her friends/business contacts. I also noticed that recently, she goes home in our rented apartment late, and when I ask why was she late, she always tell me that she went overtime because of her team building meet, although when I checked her slip, she had no overtime fee and I was a bit suprised since as far as I know, they didn't had any team building meets since 3 months ago. So, I went to her boss and asked about this, but her boss said that they only did team building meets only one time with her co-office mates a long time ago (which confirms that I was right), and as an extra, she's been absent on that meet, and her boss told me that she's been absent in her work a couple of days as well. The next day, she went out and told me she'll be attending her "urgent team building meet", so, keeping a distance, I followed her with my motorbike, and not far away from our place, a man fetched her on his car. I stopped my motorbike from a distance to make sure they won't hear me and observed them, and when they were going to drive out, I was about to follow then but when I start the engine, it died on me. So I want to ask for advice, where would the problem be? Is it the spark plug that caused the starting to fail, or is it on the main engine? The clutch, perhaps? Please give me a good advice. Thanks for noticing.
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    did you try using the keys?
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    Instructions unclear, keyed car.
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    Between three female furries
    Ask your wife... Maybe she will know... Maybe she did something to your moto
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    Same, but I got my dick stuck in a key.
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    I thought this was serious, untill I read the last sentence :/ Then I realized this was the EoF