Help regarding Flashme and EZflash2

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    May 14, 2007
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    I have an original DS, an EZFlash2 GBA flash cartridge and a Superkey device so I can access the GBA cart on the DS.
    I intend to install Flashme and I have seen that some people have problems using the EZF2. When I place Flashme on do I also need an NDS loader on the cart? Is there any setting that I have to change inorder for it to work? Also after Flashme is installed and I intend to put the backups of some of my original games, do I have to do anything special to the roms or to the cartridge.
    Any help is appreciated.
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    Add a GBA header to the flashme rom and disable the loader (NDS or GBA) under the system pulldown menu.
    Adding a header if you did not know how:

    Until I moved to my EZ4 I was flashme on my EZ2 for months, afterwards my little brother used my EZ2 again with flashme. The only problem may come if you should choose to not use a loader: you will have to hold a, b, x and y to force a boot. The EZ2 DS patching has not been updated for a while but if you patch the rom with EZ4 client beforehand it helps.