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    Oct 6, 2018
    Costa Rica
    3ds 11.8.0 luma3ds-b9s-gm9 .

    Hi !, im trying to run .nds backups using a gold 3ds ( r4igold.cc/download )firmware 7.0 , kernel 3.7 in my nintendo 3ds softmodded .
    actually I wanna use the download station room dspath to run some exploits in my nds i xl 1.4.5 no store,no flipnote,etc.

    So, in the 3ds , i cant run .nds backups. i tryied with prof. layton, zelda spirit tracks and mario kart and it doesnt work.
    this is a list of the stuff than i test.

    *load wood kernel (never run)
    *format 2 gb sd card to fat 16 32 kb cluster with minitool wizzard, phanasonic software and sd format 4.0 , 5.0 software.
    the kernel loads partialy , but i cant access to the memory and the screen dont display the icons (except if i used the old kernel to repair 4.4 firmware , but in this kernel ver. only create the savedata and the screen stuck in loading... , cannot launch .nds backups too (just firmware tools ) or music software.
    *format 4gb sd card to fat 16 , 32 kb reducing the vol. and creating 2 partitions primary and logical with 1.82 gb and 1.xx unallocated space.
    it runs the kernel correctly, but at the time to lauch a game ..white color in the 2 screens appear.
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