[HELP PLS] NEW owner trying to setup Reinand CFW on N3DSXL

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    Hi everyone. I am a new member here and also a new to 3dsxl games. I am reading a lot about Homebrew stuffs the past week. So far so good. So I received my N3DSXL the other day and have the firmware. Reading about CFW, I ordered a used Cubic Ninja.

    I followed this guide https://gbatemp.net/threads/tutorial-setting-up-reinand-cfw-from-scratch.394806/.

    I followed OP's post and found the pastebin. download all zip files in that pastebin and followed the tutorial. Now, I dont have a gateway so I followed the tutorial "PROCESS WITHOUT GATEWAY"

    So here is step 1 from tutorial:

    Step 1: Backing up Sysnand

    Copy the contents of folder: "Root of mSD - (Your 3DS' region)" to the root of your mSD

    Start Cubic Ninja & select: Create > QR Code > Scan the QR code from folder: Gateway Cubic Ninja QR > EUR_US / JAP. Once scanned the QR code will boot up the Gateway Menu.

    In Gateway Menu move to Backup Sysnand.

    Once complete press Down + Start to quick shutdown the system.

    Connect the mSD to your computer and make a backup of your NAND.BIN (Incase you ever brick your 3DS, this is what you'll need to bring it back *Along with a hardmod*)

    Now here is the problem, after scanning the QR code, i says "NETWORK ERR!". I am sure internet is working as i can browse the net in the console.

    If anyone can help me. Thanks.
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    If internet is confirmed to be working, double check if you get the right QR code, then clean the cubic ninja save by pressing X+Y+R+L and proceed to wipe.
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    i liked because you actually searched
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    Thank you cultopi.

    I proceeded to wipe ninja's save. And did the scan again and failed again. When the QR is scanned screen will display "WAIT PLZ" and then "NETWORK ERR!".

    I am trying this guide since its everything in a zip files and I dont want to screw up anything since it is hard to get a 9.2 or lower frimware in my area. If anyone have a guide that worked for them maybe we can update the thread or make a new thread.

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    Hi tony_2018. Yes, Ive been reading here in gbatemp. I found out Reinand is the best for simplicity and used that guide. Hope you can give me a hint.

    I am thinking maybe teh site that the QR code is connecting is offline to load the gateway menu. Now since step 1 is to backup sysnand, I dont want to skip that step. I believe the QR in step 1 is not related to ninjahax. Ninjahax is to be done at step 2. This is step 2:

    Step 2: Prepping Sysnand

    Go to http://smealum.net/ninjhax/ on your computer & input your 3DS' exact firmware *Located in System Settings*

    Start Cubic Ninja > Wipe the save > Scan the QR code from Ninjhax. Once scanned the QR code will boot up the Homebrew Menu

    Hold [L] start Pasta CFW with [A] - Select Optons - Enable FirmLaunch [NO] - Boot Pasta "Give me some Pasta"

    Start Cubic Ninja > Create > QR code > Start FBI

    FBI: Install Devmenu.cia to SD, > Once done press [Start] to exit

    *If you get Error Description: Database_does_not_exist > Connect mSD to computer go into Nintendo 3DS > Folder> Here you should see exdata folder, create a folder named "dbs" next to it. Inside dbs create two txt files named (title.db & import.db)

    *Insert the mSD & turn the 3DS back on > System Settings > Data Management > Nintendo 3DS > Software - The system will add the necessary data to the files you created. Now you can go back to FBI & install Devmenu.cia

    Start Pasta cfw > Start Devmenu

    Move to tab Import > Select mset_(region).cia with [A] > Ok when complete > (here you can also install bluecardfix.cia if you have a NDS flashcard that is blocked in 9.x), Hold down power button to turn the system off