help please ... vwii wont start the wii mode

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  1. romanticovero

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    Oct 13, 2013
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    it was working fine and then when i start the wii menu the console shit off without go the the wii menu THANK YOU FOR YOUR HELP
  2. Bug_Checker_

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    Jun 10, 2006
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    Please Do NOT take this the wrong way. But it is almost impossible to help on a request like this without a complete history. There is just not enough details. Waaaaaaaay too many assumptions have to be made.

    Paint us a detailed picture.Tell us a complete story.

    Here are some useful info that might help.
    what wiiu is it? white/black/8gb/32gb/bundled special
    wiiu region type
    bought new or used
    Is it under warranty?
    Have you voided warranty?
    Started with x.xx firmware
    upgraded to what additional firmware(s)
    ANY problems with ANY upgrades?
    had exclusive control over unit or brother/cousin/dog/troll could have messed with it.
    you did what to it?
    EVERYTHING that was extra (over a normal unmodified unit)
    ANY problems which were noticed (EVER)
    What Accessories have you used with wiiu/vwii?
    What software have you installed?
    Did you make a NAND backup?
    Can you enter vwii through maintenance mode?

    Make a new or 1st time NAND backup with Dump Mii NAND
    Dump Mii NAND - a BootMii format (nand.bin) NAND dumper for vWii/Wii
    Run SysCheck SysCheck HacksDen Edition
    Run InspectMii InspectMii, NEW Wii/vWii Homebrew
    Report back.