Question HELP Please "the software was closed because an error occurred" for OFW 8.01 & SXOS 2.7.1

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  1. Krazyeye

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    Aug 5, 2017
    Korea, South
    Hello Everyone,

    I am having some issues with two particular games: Final Fantasy VII and Dragon Ball FigtherZ.

    For Final Fantasy VII, it notified me to update the game file (v1.01). After installing the update nsp file, now the game would not start with the message mentioned "software was closed..." I have delete, reinstall, delete reinstall both nsps and xci; and still the same message. Any thoughts??

    For Dragon Ball FighterZ, the newest CXCI with GoKu GT DLC, game runs fine until you "select" the new DLC fighter GOKU GT then it just crushes. Previous version was fine and i was able to just skip the game update message and start the software. Any thoughts??

    Thanks Much!
  2. Sumandora

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    Nov 13, 2018
    LayeredFS files? or any other files injected which are not normal for the game.
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