PS1/2 HELP! (Newbie) Loads of Woes with FMCB


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Aug 29, 2017
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Hello All…

PLEASE, I need help with my Free McBoot (FMCB) Memory Card (MC). I’m sorry this is a long post, but I want you to know all that I do on this matter so you can be as informed as possible up front.

I am a newbie to the PS2 softmodding world by all accounts, but I’ve been doing a lot of research so as not to be totally clueless, while I must admit I remain pretty clueless on most things.:rolleyes:

OK, I have a softmoded (FMCB v1.953 MC) PS2 Phat 30001 with a Network Adapter and an internal HDD (installed/formatted myself and working with games). I got the MC from ebay and it seems to be a good one. My issues surround figuring out how FMCB’s initial menu is built so I can modify it, again, I've done tons of reading, but nothing is there that answers all the questions or puts it all together so I can understand -- I'm willing to do more reading if I'm pointed in the right direction, but may have more Qs thereafter. I’ve contacted the seller to help me, but to date have received no replies/interest to help, so I’m coming to you all.

Now, before folks jump to uLaunchelf (uLE) or FMCB Configurator (FMCBC) as an answer, please know I’ve spent a 2 weeks now looking at configurations (could have missed some) and the locations of all the On Screen Display (OSD) menu items I see at boot up, most of which must be at MC slot 0 (MC0 – where my MC resides) and I can’t find half of the elf files or functions related to those OSD menu items. I’ve also been through FMCBC/OSDSYS…the number of menu items is limited to 7, 6 of which are configured while 10 show up on the OSD boot up menu, none of which match the ones that are configured in FMCBC/OSDSYS. Furthermore, if I use FMCBC to add an elf to the OSD boot up menu the menu completely changes and the items that come up are those configured within FHDB…the rest are lost. Fortunately I have two MCs so I’ve been restoring the config files from the backup MC to the one I’m using as I mess things up.

The OSD boot up menu lists these functions: Browser, System Configuration, uLaunchELF, ESR, Open PS2 Loader, Simple Media System, Launch disc, Reload configuration, Freem McBoot Configurator, and Turn off system.

Again, if I try to add an item to this list, not only does the list change to those things configured in Free Hard Drive Boot (FHDB) and FHDB becomes the default boot-up program vice FMCB. Needless to say I’m stumped as to what is going on.

So what am I trying to accomplish? To understand how the “stock” OSD boot up menu is being built as well as how to add something to it without breaking it (completely changing it) as described above.

Thank you in advance for all of your help…hopefully this will help others too as I’m sure I’m not the only newbie to be stumped like this.

MOST humbly & sincerely…Tom
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