Help! New 3DS XL sound not working after Luma Updater update!

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    I have a major problem, not sure if it can be helped or if this is in the right section. I have a New 3DS XL. My 3DS specs are 9.2 system with a Menuhax setup, 11.1.0-34U EmuNAND (yes, I know I desperately need to update to A9LH). My sound was working perfectly fine yesterday, played Duck Tails on Nestopia in Homebrew Menu and sound was working fine. I went to try to go online to search something as my laptop's battery was dead (and since my 3DS's EmuNAND needs updating, I couldn't use the Internet). So I figured I would try to update my 3DS so I could do so. So I hit the Luma Updater app and updated that first. I did not update my EmuNAND (JUST Luma Updater). But afterwards, I noticed that my speakers were not working on ANYTHING! 9.2 system, nothing. EmuNAND, nothing. Homebrew, nothing. This seemed to happen before trying to restore my older version of the updater (no idea what version). I tried to restore an older version because CHMM wasn't working, and my sound wasn't working on my Okami theme. It seems to have restored the older version, but my sound is not working at all. Sound only works with headphones; however, I recently found out that the camera app still makes a clicking noise when taking a picture or beeps when taking videos. Did I damage something, and can I fix it or am I screwed?
    - No, my slider is not in the "off" position. Its all the way up, no sound.
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