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    I applied for "design a website" project for a company which later asked me to submit a quotation document.

    Basically, what are the contents of the quotation document? i.e. what points I should be covering to give myself best chance to attain that project. (Tried google but it does not seem to like me)

    BTW, this will be my first project hence very little I know of.

    Thanks in advance
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    Odd, most companies give a slightly customised document/template for "low value" projects.

    Depending on what you are doing it is a cross between a CV, an invoice and a project plan.
    For example if you are doing a sales website then you might do a 20 minute demo of a potential website (this frame here, this box here, this javascript action here...... although it does not have to be fully functional, in a pinch you could send in a project you already did: if you have none/few of these make some as the next thing you do). Try and find out who will see it and gear it towards them: are they an IT pro or a look at the pretty pictures manager who may or may not know what is what?
    "invoice section" might come from certification for credit cards as well as if you decide to use checkout components made by someone else (who wants to be paid)
    Detailed prospective invoices for your own work is a touchy area. I have seen too many good people cut out from projects by being "too pricey" in the eyes of beancounters: as much as the bank manager liked not having to pay the extra 10% for scroll wheel endowed mice......... Not to mention coding is a process liable to deviate from a plan (many managers will try to tack on projects/options at the finishing straight.
    project plan: you will want to extend the demo section but in words. Tack on any extras (consultation on your design for 12 months or some such if it is not mandated already). If you do have an invoice "fine" yourself for missing deadlines.
    Your stipulations: I can not be reached at the weekend, during these dates...... and the like.
    This is a pseudo legal document too: not normally as binding as a contract but certainly worthwhile having available if it comes to a day in court

    Furthering the CV you will want a cover letter so to speak, usual fare here: who you are, a screenshot..... so when the bored head of unconnected department (most things like this will have to go to a committee which will include head of human resources and the like) has to sign off they can do the ever fun read the first page. If they see no reason to dig they will tend not to.

    You say this is your first project so you will not have any "satisfied customers" waiting around, this means the rest will have to shine. Your demo, your language (US English seems to be the language of IT)

    As for google, I guess it likes me better:

    Finally, they may not want a website today but 6 months down the line they might so keep in good relations if you can.