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Discussion in 'GBA - Flashing Hardware and Software' started by liLkvN, May 9, 2007.

  1. liLkvN

    liLkvN Newbie

    May 9, 2007
    United States
    I just got a Nintendo DS Lite and I'm new to all this Flash Kit business...
    Soooo, I'm wondering what flash cart I should get and what memory thing.

    So far I've noticed that the M3 DS Simply and Micro Sandisk 1GB are the preferred choices, but I want some professional advice!

    P.S. I plan to play Pokemon Diamond/ and maybe GBA games [​IMG]
  2. Veho

    Veho The man who cried "Ni".

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    Apr 4, 2006
    Wow, you bothered to read some threads beforehand [​IMG]
    Very few people do that.

    Yes, the M3 Simply or R4 are the best choices (they are pretty much the same card). And get a SanDisk or Kingston microSD.

    As for GBA, the cheapest solution would be to get the EZ V 3-in-1 expansion pack. It's around $20, and allows you to run GBA ROMs (you load them from the R4/M3 Simply), and also, in conjunction with the R4/M3, lets you run the Opera Browser.

  3. iamwhoiam

    iamwhoiam Honorary R4 Fanboy

    Dec 27, 2006
    Hull/Manchester, UK
    I would say R4 for a) cost reasons and b) they release updats quicker. I also disagree on M3 selling their product at a higher price, when it is the same product.

    As for the memory card: Stick with Kingston (preferbly japanese made, but not required) as your best bet. Failing that, Sandisk.

    As veho said, the 3-in-1 is the best complement slot-2 solution for these cards.

    Also: Welcome to the forums!

    p.s. you've put the topic in the wrong forum [​IMG]
    p.p.s. any questions about R4/M3s, look at the link in my signature
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