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    This topic is about a movie I have seen.
    That movie, was freaking hilarious.
    The problem is, I have no idea what it's called [​IMG]
    I saw it a few years ago.
    It MUST have been British humor [​IMG] (not 100% sure though :/)
    There's only one scene I can remember:
    Two people walk into a jail.
    We're here to see the most dangerous criminal of all time (or something, it's no exact quote [​IMG])
    Then they'll stop at a prison chamber thingy.
    And there he is. Lying on the wall. HE WAS SLEEPING ON THE FREAKING WALL XD
    " this criminal is so dangerous and smart, he denies the laws of nature"
    I can tell you more stuff I vague remember...
    There was something with a car... On a road [​IMG]
    the criminal was needed for something.
    The (most important person in a film... Based upon him/her) entering some kind of hotel/motel whatever because it was raining. That scene came after the one with the car.

    Please don't reply if you don't know what movie this is [​IMG]
    written on iPod so respect me [​IMG]
    The movie was probably quite old... And I'm pretty sure it isn't monty python stuff. Prove me wrong, or gimme teh movie [​IMG]
    thanks in advance, moi
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    Sherlock Holmes (2009) ?
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    My guess would