Help me with my retarded Zune software

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    A couple months ago, my Zune froze up, so I had to send it in for a new one. No big deal. I got the new Zune a few weeks later, and everything seemed fine. I plugged it into my computer, and uploaded everything that I had on my old Zune. I turned it on, and for some reason, Muse, Radiohead, and a few other bands were missing from my library. This was a pretty big deal, since Muse and Radiohead were two of my favorite bands at the time. I just overlooked it, and listened to other artists, and assumed that they would sync the next time I plugged my Zune in.

    So about a week ago, I go to plug my Zune in again, and I have the same problem. I get a "missing file" message on the sync screen, and it shows about 200 songs that aren't being synced. In the Zune library, all the files are there, and I can listen to them, which means that they haven't been deleted. I also check my external harddrive, which is where all my music is coming from, and they aren't there either.

    I'm considering deleting all the artists that are having problems, and then re-downloading them to see if that works, but I don't feel like dong that before seeing if anybody else has had a similar problem and knows a potential fix.

    Also don't tell me to buy an iPod. I love my Zune, I just hate the software.

    Thanks GBAtemp