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    This is my weekend English homework and I'm stuck here [​IMG] Please help me solve it.

    Those extracts contain different types of mistakes. Read them and find out what the mistake is. Then correct them.

    1. Drive carefully in the New Year. Remember nine people out of every ten are caused by accident.

    2. Star's broken leg hits box office.

    3. Dr Cutting said they had removed three bullets from Mr Murra - one from each leg.

    4. When next you have friends to dinner one cut up in a mixed salad would be plenty for eight and a novel surprise for one's guests.

    5. BUNGALOW, 3 bedrooms, lounge, dining room, coloured suite. Toilet 2 miles Andover.

    6. 1 year-old boxer dog for sale. Eats anything, very fond of children.

    7. Nice to feel at home
    " I spent several days in a mental hospital and felt completely at home," Christopher Mayhew MP told a meeting of the Sheffield Branch of the Mental Health Association.

    8. 50$ REWARD
    Female Sealpoint Siamese cat. 5 years old. Very friendly, has yellow teeth. Lost on Sat 23rd. Missing from Austin Street. Could have possibly jumped into someone's car and driven off.

    9. Crash courses for pilots.
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    I'll only answer nos. 3 and 6. I won't say why they are wrong

    6. 1-year old boxer dog for sale. Eats anything and is very fond of children.

    3. Dr Cutting said that he has removed two bullets from Mr Murra - one from each leg

    May be wrong though
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    1 is a bit weird. People aren't 'caused' by accident. Unless you mean the pregnancy was an accident!

    2. What is meant is that its affected the box office, but it reads like his leg has physically struck the building.

    3. If you remove one bullet from each leg, that's 2 bullets, not 3.

    4. It sounds like its suggesting you should cut up your friend and put them in a salad, when presumably its referring to what they were talking about in the previous sentence.

    5. Last 3 words make no sense at all.

    6. What is meant is that its affectionate to children, reads like it likes to eat children.

    7. He says he felt at home in a mental hospital, which makes it seem like he's implying he has mental problems.

    8. Makes it sound like the cat itself drove the car.

    9. A 'crash course' is a very quick series of lessons. But because it's for pilots it sounds like they're teaching them how to crash.

    Most if them aren't really mistakes, just a bad choice of words.