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    My room is a total pile of crap. Same wallpaper for seven years, and now it looks grotty and faded and just generally not very nice. It needs replacing, and damn the expense. What I was thinking was getting custom wallpaper made up. There's all sorts of places that will make wallpaper with any image you desire. The question is, what image do I go with? Here's the criteria.

    - I spend a fair bit of time in my room since my family is so fucking intolerable. It therefore has to be relaxing. Much as I thought of having a huge space battle done, it'd be a pain in the arse after a hard day.

    - Something vivid is fine, just not too...busy. I'm thinking some sort of nature scene. Absolutely NO beige. Seriously. My dad watches property shows all day every day and everyone paints their houses magnolia and beige. They're all damn near identical. No sense of personality or heart in them. Just identi-kit cardbox box colour walls. I want people to go into my room and go 'wow, that's fuckin' awesome'. I want it to feel like it has a soul, a spark of personality, a little colour to brighten up an otherwise beige and boring world full of sheep.

    - Must be suitable for female company as I'm now dating 'Hitomi' (her real name's Heather by the way, she's fine with you guys knowing so long as I don't give out her last name. But she kinda likes being called Hitomi now because it's a mark of affection. Kinda like my pet name for her. Even though it wasn't me that started it.). So much as I was briefly amused by my friend Kai's idea to have it made up to look like the inside of a giant vagina, I'm thinking she wouldn't see it in the spirit it was intended.

    - Nothing cliched. Nothing based on TV or anime or films or anything. Something unique, or at least mostly unique. I'm sure having the Battle of Endor on my ceiling would be awesome, but I feel the novelty would wear off quicker than with an original piece.

    - Much as I love video games, I think there's enough game related crap in this room already, so I'm resisting the temptation to get Space Invaders wallpaper or something. I'm thinking something fantasy based, but not from any actual games or anything. Some sort of otherworldly scene. Colourful but serene.

    I've got a billion ideas for things it could be, but the general feeling right now is maybe an image from DeviantArt. Maybe something along these sort of lines. Gotta be perfect though as I don't plan on stripping my room bare and totally restoring it for anything less than perfection.

    Warning: Spoilers inside!

    Maybe not that exact image but that's the sort of thing I'm feeling. It'd have to have less black than that, but that's the sort of thing I'm thinking right now.

    Also, if anyone in the UK knows a place where this sort of thing can be done with minimal expense, I'd appreciate the info. My room's tiny. Not much bigger than your average cupboard in all seriousness. So I don't need a lot. But this stuff tends to be fairly expensive so any hints would be grand.


    Oh, and feel free to move this to Blogs if that's where it belongs, but I thought I'd post here for a change 'cause I've been kinda over-blogging lately, what with the mass walk out at work, new girlfriend, brother's eye injury, etc. Thought this'd make a nice change of pace.