Help me pick out good ds games.

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    Having a NDS Emulator, for me, makes me think of the saying, "Be careful of what you wish for." On one hand it's great to play any game you want, but on the other hand there are just too many games to choose from and just too little time to beat them all.

    So give me recommendations on what NDS games I should play. I can play any type of game.

    On a side note, I was wondering, do I have to insert something into my GBA cartridge in order to play GBA games? If so, what do I need? I have an M3 Real and I use the sakura eng firmware in case you're wondering. And I understand that this is probably a really stupid or obvious question and people are probably face palming at it, but don't flame. I'm kinda new to nds emulators.
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    I think you mean Flashcart, not Emulator.

    Emulators are programs on the computer that run roms.
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    Yeah, take a look at the essentials topic. But for a quick tiny list of games, you should check out:

    Animal Crossing
    Mario Kart
    Phantom Hourglass
    Bleach DS 2 was pretty good if you like fighting games
    Tetris is pretty fun
    Pokemon Pearl/Diamond, those are two amazing games
    Rune factory is pretty great as well.

    Keep in mind, these are just games I enjoyed. haha