HELP ME: New 3DSXL, DS Profile trick not working

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    Hello, I recently got my Gateway and have set it up and I can load stuff in gateway mode and get into it using the ZOOT trick, but I would much appreciate some assistance on being about to skip the ZOOT trick and just do the profile thing, I have tried multiple times following these instructions step by step and I cant get it to work on my New 3DSXL

    Have tried multiple times, definitely using EUR version, have checked multiple times. Not sure what isn't working, the sysNAND is 9.0.0-20E, the EmuNAND is the same since the updated firmware available is a NAND beyond the Gateways support for now.

    Steps followed exactly
    Just follow these simple steps:
    1) Copy the Gateway 3DS 3.2.0 ULTRA Launcher.dat to your New 3DS microSD card
    2) Copy mset_<region>.cia to your New 3DS microSD card (where <region> is your console region)
    3) Copy "DevMenu.3ds" to your Gateway 3DS microSD card.
    4) Boot into the Gateway menu with your preferred entrypoint (Zelda or Cubic Ninja)
    5) Select the new "NVRAM INSTALL" option from the menu, proceed with installation.
    6) Once installed, boot into Gateway mode and launch DevMenu.3ds from the multirom menu (press SELECT)
    7) Start DevMenu and import mset_<region>.cia from your SD card.
    8) Reboot console and verify you can now boot into Gateway mode with the classic System Settings DS Profile method. (Settings -> Profile -> Nintendo DS profile)
    9) Enjoy! No more cartridge swapping required to use Gateway 3DS on New 3DS! :-)

    I have even tried the alternate instructions found in the PDF
    Step 1: Make sure to have the latest Launcher.dat on your internal MicroSD. You will also need to copy the proper mset_xxx.cia for your region (where xxx is your region code) to your internal MicroSD.
    Step 2: You will need to locate a copy of devmenu.3ds and place it on your Gateway MicroSD card. (You will need to use Google or ask a friend for a copy of the application) Step 3: Power on your New 3DS and using your boot game, boot to the Gateway Menu. Select the “NVRAM INSTALL” option and follow the prompts until it has finished.
    Step 4: Place the cursor over “BOOT GATEWAY MODE” and Hold B then Press A, then Press X by itself to boot to SysNAND Gateway Mode. Caution! Do not use SysNAND Gateway Mode except to perform this operation as anything done to the New 3DS in this mode will apply directly to the system itself and could cause damage!
    Step 5:
    Press Select and choose the DevMenu ROM from the list (You MUST use DevMenu, other .cia installers will NOT work). Boot the DevMenu ROM and Press Right one time to get to the Import tab. Use the Down Key to navigate to your mset_xxx.cia file and press A to import/install it.
    Step 6: When the import/install has finished, press the Home Key, then Close the software. Shut off your New 3DS at this point. The DS Profile Exploit has now been successfully installed on your New 3DS system.

    Take note of Step 4 actually going into sysNAND Gateway mode, I tried this with no success of the exploit working.
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    You have to enter sysnand and install it there. Since you have an emunand partition you probably installed it there. My advice would be to format the SD card completely with the Samsung SD card format tool and format the SD card.
    So follow these steps exactly.

    0. Format your SD car with this tool.
    1. Make a NAND backup
    2. Make an emuNand partition. Then turn off your console.
    3. Unlink emuNand and Sysnand by taking out your SD card, going to the System Settings and format your console (while your SD card is removed)
    4. Copy all the necessary files on the SD card and insert the SD card into your console.
    5. Launch the OoT hack, install the NVRAM option and hold the B button while selecting "Boot into GW mode" and confirm when asked with X this will boot you into your Sysnand, from there follow your 6-7 steps.

    Another VERY important thing you should know is that you are not allowed to format your Sysnand while having the downgraded MSET you just installed. That will result in a BRICK. To be able to format or update your Sysnand you will need to restore your backed up NAND.
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    After trying a third time with the sysNAND Gateway boot i decided to access the profile settings in sysNAND Gateway, the 3DS got a pink screen and froze up, I then restarted it and tried again in regular sysNAND and it now works....

    Thanks for your reply either way.