Hacking Help me fully fixing my PSP theme for 6.6x, a few icons are missing


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Nov 2, 2007
Around 2007 or so I made my own PSP theme for firmware 5.50 and never bothered to update it since I had no reason to move on from that firmware for the longest time on my PSP Slim so I always only had this one version. Now many years later I've been looking into the PSP-side of things again thanks to Adrenaline on my Vita and to my amazement I found out that a ton of people seemed to have downloaded my theme over the years and some even went and updated it for 6.6x, whoever did that thank you! :D

There are two small problems with the theme as it is though and I would like to fix these although over the years I lost all my knowledge of making PSP themes so I was hoping that someone could tell me how I can fix these issues and what tools I would need.

The first issue is that the background is fully white until the wallpaper loads. I recall the PSP having two types of wallpapers, "behind the wave" wallpapers and "infront of the wave" wallpapers and there was this problem that the wallpaper behind the wave gets loaded first and has strict size limits. How would I go about restoring that?

The other issue is that some icons are missing presumably because they have been updated over the years or weren't present when I originally made the theme for 5.50. The missing icons are:

PS3 Remote Play
Digital Comics (makes the horizontal bar fully disappear when selected)
Network Settings
System Update

How would I go about adding these icons?

Thanks for help in advance! :)
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