help me ! for downgrade to 4.5 or upgrade to 9.2

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    hi guys
    i have o3ds and firmware version is 6.2
    i will downgrade to 4.5 but cant because gateway in last time get fatal error 1000100
    i havent any game for update to higher firmware
    with rxtools i could install devmenu
    i have rxtools ، devmenu and ds flash cart now!
    i have question now !
    can install full pack 9.2 firmware for update to 9.2 with devmenu ?
    or any solution for downgrade to 4.5 ?

    tnx for help me!
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  2. CrispyYoshi

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    Yes, you don't need to downgrade to 4.5.

    Use rxtools to boot into pasta mode (aka Dev Mode), then use profi200's SysUpdater to update to 9.2 using a 9.2 update pack for the O3DS.

    Be very careful that you are running sysupdater in Pasta Mode/Dev Mode, and that you have the proper 9.2 files.
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  3. rotebrotobias

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    Yes just as @CrispyYoshi says. Remember to not use Gateway when using sysUpdater or you will brick your device.
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