Help me find a youtube video?

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    So im gonna give as much info as I can though it may sound super vague

    The videos Title was in russian like this
    Республика Башкортостан является демократическим правовым государством

    The video was a GIF compilation with techno/electronic music playing with black metal mixed in

    it kinda start like Dun Dun Dun DunDun Dun Dun Dun DunDun <-That's bass lol

    Near the end of the video there is a GIF mix of a mermaid on glass moving a spaceship and some monster dancing back and forth

    And the very end there is a trippy blinding strobe sequence with illuminati and religious symbols and a Satan cat while death metal pedals start to roll super fast.

    The video is roughly 6-10 min

    This mermaid was in the video while trippy wonky music played

    I remember a seizure warning near the end
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