Help me figuring out a couple of things...

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  1. Morgawr

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    Dec 18, 2008
    I must say that I don't currently own an xbox360 *yet*, but I suspect my friends are going to give me one as a present for my birthday party on Saturday (I hope so, I hinted on it and they basically made me understand it was a yes XP).

    Anyways, a couple of questions popped up in my mind, after reading last 14 pages of different topics in this section (yes, I read 90% of the last 14 pages @_@ I've got nothing better to do lol) I couldn't get these questions fully answered.

    1)Is it possible to play an xbox360 without an Internet connection? I don't know how this xbox live stuff works, so I don't know what to expect when I'll eventually get one in my hands.

    2)Do I need to purchase an Xbox live account (or whatever is called the thing with monthly fees) to be able to get on the Internet? Like.. just to get on-line, not to be able to play multiplayer games, just online...

    3)Does the Xbox360 have an Internet browser? Like in question #2, can I get it online without having to subscribe to any service?

    4)If I flash my Xbox360 and use it to go online WITHOUT having to deal with live account (since I don't intend to pay for it, I don't need it), if it's possible, will I still risk getting banned?

    5)What happens when you get banned? Can you still play your xbox360 games single player mode? Even backup copies? How does it work? I read somewhere that you can't watch DVDs and stuff like that if you get banned, but it doesn't make sense @_@

    6)Will I have to pay that already mentioned live account to be able to download some official patches/updates to fix bugs in the game I "own" (backup copies [​IMG] ) Since I read somewhere that when you run a game it automatically checks for updates...

    7)What do I physically need to flash an xbox360? I know this question can be answered just looking at some guide and that's what I've done, but since I don't own an xbox360 yet I don't know about drivers and stuff, so I just wanted to know in a very summarized way the basic items needed to flash an xbox360... like external hard disk (????) or stuff like that.

    Thanks for your help, I hope I'm not being a bother to you ^^ Hope to be able to join the Xbox360 community soon [​IMG] (even though not online XP )
  2. Salamantis

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    Feb 20, 2007
    1) Yep, can be good online and offline.
    2) Gamertags + silver accounts are free, they allow you to go online and download stuff from the marketplace but not play online multiplayer/chat with friends.
    3) No browser unfortunately.
    4) If you get banned, your console ID gets banned thus preventing you from connecting to Live. (someone needs to clear up if it still allows access to the marketplace)
    5) You can do everything that you can do offline (including single player games, media, backup copies, etc.
    6) Most of the time you can update games just fine, even if they're backups. It's just console updates that you have to look into. EDIT: and yes it's free
    7) A VIA sata chipset for your computer, stuff to open your xbox, SATA cable, patience and a good guide [​IMG]
  3. thegame07

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    Oct 16, 2006
    1) yes, no net connection needed
    2) afaik you don't need to buy live to do this. Haven't tried myself.
    3) I don't think it has, from what I have seen as i haven't connected my 360 online ever, so i may be wrong.
    4) if your flash your 360 but dont play any back ups onlinr you wont get banned. If you play back up games online there is ways around it (don't know how to do this as I don't play my 360 anymore and dont care)
    5) if you get banned you cant use xbox live on the console , single player is uneffected.
    6) updates are free... however you get "download content" which requires a feee sometimes and requires xbox live,as far as I know.
    7) My friends flash mine for me I don't like doing shit like that myself , so im not sure.
  4. Morgawr

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    Dec 18, 2008
    Thanks a lot, you were really helpful with everything [​IMG]
    Though I've got another question.. I know I could probably Google and I might just do it anyways, though I prefer an opinion from somebody who knows better than just a random website.. anyways, what's a VIA sata chipset? and what's a SATA cable? I mean, the cable I guess is something to connect the xbox360 to the VIA sata chipset, but what is the chipset? Is it some hardware I have to install inside my computer? Because the only computer I have access to that has windows XP (I'm a linux freak) is my sister's and I'm not sure if she'd let me install some new hardware stuff inside her pc.. if it's something like an usb cabled device then I can do it.. else ... [​IMG] I'll have to find another way...

    Also what's the price of the sata chipset and cable?
  5. comtois

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    Oct 4, 2007
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    what they are referring to is an SATA card that has a VIA chipset. this is where you plug the 360 drive into the PC to flash the firmware on it. this can be an extra card you buy for $20 on ebay or at newegg, or perhaps the motherboard the computer has is acceptable. my motherboard has an NVidia chipset and it works fine, but i sort of got lucky.

    a way to test is to download iprep and it'll tell you right away if your sata is compatible. if not, then yes you would need to buy a PCI card, or send it to someone to get flashed (lots of trustworthy people at blackcats, pm me for more info).

    and yes, you will need a windows xp machine.
  6. Blue Zoidberg

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    Oct 22, 2008
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    USA, that big island near Cuba
    Like Morgawr I'll be getting a 360 really soon (RE 5 bundle FTW)
    I've already ordered a PCI card that'll work, but I'm slightly confused about firmware.
    Will older guides still be applicable to the newer drives?
    I know there's a newer version of iXtreme out there, is that multifarious?