Hacking Help installing homebrew channel on semi-bricked (I think?) Wii


New Member
Mar 5, 2017
United States

I recently decided to pull out my old Wii, but when I tried to go into the settings menu to configure my WiFi connection I get a message saying that my system files are corrupted. After some research, it appears as though this problem is referred to as a "semi-brick" and I can potentially fix it by modding my Wii to somehow reinstall my system menu. I've never modded my Wii beyond using Project M for Smash Bros several years ago, so I'm a bit surprised that this happened.

Unfortunately, as I understand it I need my Wii's MAC address to install the homebrew channel via a letterbomb before I can reinstall the system menu. Since I can't access my settings menu, I can't get the MAC address from there. I also can't pull it off my router because this is a new apartment (and thus a new router) from when I last connected my Wii to WiFi.

I was wondering if anybody knew of any potential way where I could reinstall my system menu without installing the homebrew channel with my MAC address?

Alternatively, I was also wondering if anybody knows if the Wii's MAC address might be printed somewhere inside the Wii on a chip or something? I'm hesitant to take the whole thing apart, but I do have a screwdriver kit capable of doing so if I can get the MAC address out of there.

Thanks a bunch for any help.

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