ROM Hack [Help] I can't edit Pokémon of some trainers (HeartGold)


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Sep 26, 2009
Hello, I'm new here, a few days ago I thought about modifying Pokémon HeartGold to make it a more entertaining challenge, for this I thought about modifying the Pokémon of the Gym Leaders, Elite Four, Rival and some route trainers (not many), also to change the wild Pokémon that appear on the routes.

So far so good, I downloaded SDSME and got ready to modify.

The problem is that there are some trainers like the Rival, where the attacks appear unchecked, as if implying that it cannot be edited, if I check the attacks box I can change them, and I also included another Pokémon to Rival Team, but once I enter to play the changes do not appear, on the other hand with the trainers that the attacks do not appear unchecked if the changes that I make to the team appear, for example with the Gym Leader Pegasus if it has worked for me to modify his team, but instead with Rival (which is one of the many fights that appears with unchecked boxes in SDSME) the changes don't work, I don't understand why.

I tried another editor and downloaded PPRE but the same thing happens, that is, there are trainers whose options appear unchecked and it won't let me edit them.

For example here, as you can see, it doesn't let me change the attacks, every time I edit a trainer that appears like this (with the attacks unmarked) the changes he makes to his team have no effect (neither add more Pokémon, nor change the levels your Pokémon, or check the attack box and change its attacks). On the other hand, if when looking for a trainer in the list, his attacks do not appear unchecked, the modifications that he makes work in the game.


And in PPRE the same thing, the trainers that have settings that I can't modify like the attacks, although I modify other things (or the attacks by checking the different attacks box) do not show the changes in the game, instead the trainers that come without those boxes grayed out (unusable) if it reflects the changes you make to it later in the game.


Thank you very much in advance for the help.

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