Hacking [help] How do I transfer everything from Vita memory card to SD2VITA?

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Jan 4, 2018
Have not done this in a long time but why I do recommend first is to “backup “ everything to a folder on your computer via FTP, once you have copied everything across make a copy of the folder in a new folder say call it copy of vita card 2 , call it something that will let you know that is your “working” folder the other folder is your backup ie the original copy what I do with that is turn that into a zip file or Rar file put somewhere safe, now copy that working folder to your SD CARD which you are going to use in your sd2vita adapter, just make sure you setup your tai configure file to point to the sd2vita adapter, which is the part I can’t remember off the top my head been a long time Since I’ve done mine , but the easiest way to do it is to FTP all files off the PS Vita regard to your computer back it up so you have a copy stuff it up , Computer working folder make any changes you need to stop copied across to SD card so you can pick files up set your config files up and you should be good to go, don’t wipe the ps vita meeting card , it is your way back in, if something goes wrong
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