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    I too have a problem playing all my pokemon games except for DPP, I have the r4isdhc "dual core" from 2014, and not just them either but other games too tend to freeze up unexpectedly or when I try to save. I have a class 10 micro sd samsung pixitor from best buy nothing wrong with it.

    How do I get my games to stop freezing?
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    Read a claim that certain SD brands (even if they are class 10) don't work on Dual Cores, don't know how true it is. I think you should try making a backup and formatting it with SD Formatter from, use full overwrite.
    If the card is branded "" you could also try dual-booting with YSMenu, not perfect but more games may work for you. Use the R4i-SDHC folder from Retrogamefan's multi-cart update.
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    bump, i fixed my dstwo by slightly pressing the cart to make it a bit more narrow, so the micro card was re detected successfully.

    But i am afraid it wont load sooner or later. Can i convert the real time save files of dstwo ( .rtfX ) intp other format of save files that cam be recognized by other carts?

    Or at least, how to convert the .SAV files of dstwo to other formats?
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    Most flashcards use .sav. Other ones might be able to be configured to use it (like wood r4) or you can use the online converter: