Help finding some fabric in Kirby's Epic Yarn

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    I've done everything i can find in the game, but i'm still missing 5 pieces of fabric. They are #20-24 in the Motif 2 section. I have every gold medal, all of the furniture, every soundtrack, etc. 100% on everything except fabric. I've completed every extra stage in the apt building and i've bought everything at the fabric store. What have i missed? Its driving me nuts knowing this is all thats keeping me away from 100%.
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    In case you are interested to see the patterns that you are looking for, perhaps you could use these
    tiles of patterns that I have put together from the game (from decompressing and transforming
    all texture patterns in the file patternAll.gfa to png format files). There are 181 patterns actually in that
    compressed file.

    Do you see patterns that are not in your collection yet?

    Warning: Spoilers inside!
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    I'd recommend putting that in spoiler tags. Some of those are kinda spoilerish.