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    Hey Tempers!
    I remember, from a few months back, reading a creepypasta. Like any other creepypastas, I tried to forget it, and did so successfully. Today, I feel like finding this creepypasta again, but I cannot remember the title, only the details. Said details are:
    -I think it was about 2 Russian/Polish people stuck in a mine (a man and a woman)
    -It was a very old game, probably Atari-era, possibly, but unlikely, pre-Atari. I'm pretty sure it was for some computer system.
    -It was a either a Russian, Polish or Ukrainian game.
    -It was NOT a real game; it was completely made up, but seemed very real.
    -Playing as one of the characters proved nearly impossible, while playing as the other led to some kind of dead end.
    -The game erased/corrupted itself, rendering it unplayable if it was failed/a certain checkpoint
    -Details of an Asian man buying the final copy left were in it, is well. It also mentioned a (faux) video of the man pointing at the game while playing it and crying. He spent a lot of money on it, I think it was 200,000 USD.

    ...And that's about all I can remember. I'm hoping you Tempers can help me!

    Peace out,

    // Ace Faith
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    lolwut? y would you ask that here?
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    I have no idea what any of that was even about. [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] Good luck in your search tho.
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    Try looking for it on the Creepypasta pages on ED.
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    they don't document more than a few popular examples.

    never heard of what you're looking for, but one starting place would be to try this site: since it *does* document a large number of creepypastas