[Help] Exception Type DSI Error when trying to boot up Smash 4 Mods via SDCafiine

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    Oct 5, 2015
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    I'm running a 5.5.2 Wii U with Haxchi, and I tried making my own modpack for Smash. First, the dump. I didn't feel like waiting for my disc to dump and stuff, so I downloaded Smash and the 1.1.7 update via Wii U USB Helper, decrypted them, and then copied the files from the decrypted update to the base game. That was the dump I used for Sm4shFileExplorer.

    Then I started adding a whole bunch of mods.

    I then compiled the modpack and put it on my SD card. Since I'm using the HBL version of SDCafiine, I put it in SD:/sdcafiine/0005000010144F00/content/. Then I tried loading up the mods. I booted SDCafiine via a Haxchi hotkey and proceeded to Smash. While it was loading (still had the Super Smash Bros. for Wii U splash screen), I got an Exception Type DSI Error. I decided it was time to try out SDCafiine's logging to try to find the problem, but I wasn't quite so sure what to make of the file.

    I attached the log file to the post since that would probably help troubleshooting.

    Is there something wrong with the dump I used, the modpack, or something else I did? Any help would be appreciated.

    EDIT: So I completely removed the /data/fighter/ folder, ui_character_db.bin, and ui_sound_call_voice_db.bin from the modpack and the game booted up. Is there anything I should look out for when dealing with these database files?

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