[Help] DS Flashcard won't load ROMs on 3DS/DS light/DS

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    Feb 18, 2016
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    I'm sorry if i'm double posting but i want to lay out all the information i have and see if anyone can spot why no games are loading on my flash card.
    1.) I have a R4i Gold 3DS RTS Flashcard (sause: http://www.nds-card.com/ProShow.asp?ProID=149)
    2.) I downloaded the latest R4i GOLD 3DS RTS firmware from NDS-card.com
    3.) I followed the Troubleshooting guide on The Guide and completed it.
    4.) I have TWLoader and am able to launch a game from there, but not on the flashcard
    5.) I have tested the card on a DS and DS light and am getting the same issue on both
    6.) Depending on which game i boot, I get an...
    -----a.) Nintendo Logo and then black screen (Ex. SM64 DS)
    -----b.) White Screen (Ex. Wario Ware D.I.Y.)
    -----c.) A Nintendo Logo and then a white screen (Ex. LoZ Phantom Hourglass)
    7.) I purchased this card before the 11.3 update (I think)
    8.) I heard i might need to update my flashcard but couldn't find an update file anywhere

    I think that's everything. Hopefully someone can find out whats wrong. :huh:
  2. Mikemk

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    The card's defective, warranty it.
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    That's what I also think.
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