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    May 1, 2008
    United States
    So I read the thread here on changing a m3ds Chinese to English, but have no soldering skills at all , and don't want to risk breaking my m3ds real Chinese. I noticed that there was some ways to change the language to English through software and such, but don't know exactly how. So could somebody explain to me how. Btw if you want to know why I have a chinese m3ds. It's because I accidentally bought it without realizing it was the Chinese version. By the time I did realize this it was already in the United States. I don't think it's necessary to send it back if I could just fix it my self.

    I found out a way, but need help if anybody can. So I use this http://neosource.1emu.net/forums/index.php...45.0;attach=932 to patch my .eng files in the English firmware. Well when I do it to the menu.eng and make it menu.gb. Then I delete the menu.eng , but when I try to choose English on the language screen it says there is no file for it. So I tried using it with the menu.eng and the menu comes up , but then the bottom screen goes black and it crashes. So I tried it again , but this time it crashes right when I choose it and the screen goes white. The chinese firmware still works though. Also when I used the firmware without the menu it works perfectly in english, but I can't access my ds games or any other files. So could anybody figure this out for me, or tell me how if you know how?
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