Help, CCE and TTDS??

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    I have a ton of questions about the Cheat Code Editor and the TTDS.

    So I want to get some Augments onto FFIV, which on my TTDS does not have any action replay cheats whatsoever.
    When I open CCE I only get Mario Kart, Castlevania, and EBA as available games. I got the game-ID of FFIV, pasted it in AND made sure the names were exactly the same.
    I grabbed some codes from and put each augment I wanted into a separate code on the CCE. I added a description, a note, AND updated the code too. So I save it usrcheat.dat and replace the one on my TTDS.

    When I go to the little + button on my TTDS menu under FFIV and go to the cheats tab nothing is there... [​IMG]
    I downloaded that one dat file from GBAtemp and it renewed my list of games which included FFIV. I pasted that into my SD card but nothing is under the cheat tab D:

    I tried using r4cce but I still got nothing under the cheats tab. I did click enable cheats too...

    I updated my Action Replay Code Manager, added the augment cheats I wanted and saved it as an XML file, put it through r4cce and nothing happens when I go under the cheat tab for FFIV. When I put it through CCE for the TTDS I get the xml file format is error... (Good english lol) It says it's version 1.01 on the top but under the description to the right it says: User cheat code v 1.0

    Thanks [​IMG]
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