[Help] Broken 3ds cartridge slot. Could this be an easy fix?

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    Feb 18, 2016
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    So i bought an old 3ds a short while ago and when i had a good portion of it fixed and ready to be tested, i noticed it couldn't read any cartridges. I took off the cover and looked at the slot and noticed that the pins are not missing or broken, but bent to the side. If i were to bend them back in place, could it possibly fix the cartridge slot? Does anyone have a safe way i could do this?
  2. Adeka

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    I fixed bent pins in a ds lite with a super thin screwdriver and its been working ever since.
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  3. Link'sSpiritualAwakening

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    As someone who just fixed their cartridge slot, I can say its only as hard as removing the mobo and costs $15 for a replacement cartridge reader. Really not too bad, much easier than the dreaded hard mod. Readers from other regions will work.
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