Help archive SPUF before it goes down 5th of June!

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    What is Steam Powered Users' Forum?
    Steam Powered Users' Forum (SPUF) was the discussion board for Steam games before Steam Discussions (SPUD) came into being. Despite SPUF being practically dead ever since the global rollout of SPUD, the board was kept alive and running by Steam. It is thought to be one of the biggest VBulletin boards in existence.

    What changed?
    On the 15th of May 2017, Valve 'announced' that SPUF would be shut down. Or rather, they redirected the link to SPUF to SPUD. After a minor outrage on Reddit, they put the boards back up until 5th of June, on which they would be shut down.

    Why bother? SPUF is dead, nothing useful on it right?
    WRONG. SPUF is indeed dead, but there is loads of useful information on it. In particular for older games that need patches to work on modern systems, SPUF is an invaluable source of information. If this information gets lost, it could mean that many players can no longer play old Video Games.

    How can I help?
    ArchiveTeam is running the effort to back up SPUF. To help out, you can run a Warrior to help archive the board. Just install the warrior go to the listed address, choose a leaderboard nick (mine is noirscape if you want to track my progress) and select Steam Users Forums under Available Projects.

    If you run a linux system or server, you may instead choose to run the script directly.

    Useful links
    Please help saving SPUF, because otherwise one of the largest archives of a gaming community will be lost.
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    wow i never knew it was shutting down