[HELP] Anyone could research the savedata of MH4G exported by Savedatafiler?

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    Nov 11, 2014
    I have tried to research the savedata of MH4G, but I have been totally confused. I think the data hasn't been decrypted even though the data was exported by savedatafiler. Is there anyone who has tried to study it?
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    The easiest way to do simple edits is to pick a value you want to change (money, exp, whatever). Then save your game with that value, change the value, save again, change value, save again, exporting the save each time. S you have 3 decrypted save files each with a different value of what you're trying to edit. Then use a 3-way hex compare (I use xxd and gvim to do this). Then once you've identified the location of what you want to change use a hex editor (I use HxD) to edit it.

    Some games use checksums, and in that case you can't simply edit what you want.
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    You are correct. I have the Cybergadget Save Editor and thus I know how the data should look like in plain text. The output of Savedatafiler is definitely not correct.
    I remember that for some time when the original Monster Hunter 4 released, Cybergadget also had trouble to offer correct decrypted saves of the game so I assume Capcom added an additional layer of encryption to protect the online multiplayer from cheaters (well, without success obviously).

    I attached a Savedatafiler output and a clear text output if somebody wants to take a look. Please note that these are not corresponding files, SDF output does not contain the same data as the cybergadget output. Just for structure viewing purposes.

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  4. banxian

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    Oct 30, 2014
    seems capcom added extra encryption on savedata.

    you'd better decrypt MH4G rom, and make an elf file from xorpaded exefs.
    then load the elf into ida to find it.
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    Oct 20, 2007
    sorry to bring this back to life how can we do that?