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    Hey guys, I am going to be adding Wiiware games playable through the USB hard drive, I have had a wbfs partition and about 100 games playing through Usb loader GX, I had enough room, unallocated space to format a 25gig fat 32 part.

    Both those are done WBFS / Fat32 (400g/25g respectively)

    I was going to go on and get a dump of the system menu, and I was looking through dogegg's guide. and I cant understand what he means about system menus

    My system Menu is 3.4u and obviously everythings been fine the last few months, all games work, and ive played the hell out of them [​IMG]

    He writes this :


    Warning - If you don't install the patched IOS60 first you will brick!

    This step is optional unless you are on 3.1, 3.3 or 3.4 in which case you must update, if you are on 3.2 or 4.0 you can update if you want and it is recommended that you do, if you are on 4.1 there is no need obviously! If you are on 3.1 you will have to update to 4.0 first, make sure you install the patched IOS60 first though still. Before you update to 4.1 make sure you have at least 250 blocks free or you will brick, install IOS60-patched first with Wad Manager using IOS249, then run Firmware Updater 4.1. If you are on 3.3 or 3.4 then you must update now - DO NOT install priiloader until you have updated as it will cause untold problems!.

    ---- Im only doing this to get wiiware to work off my hard drive. So i dont understand why I would have to upgrade when 3.4u is stable at the moment..

    Assuming you guys answer and say its not a problem.

    Then my next steps are to do the NAND dump, back up on system and etc.. this right :

    ) Put the SD card into the Wii, if you installed Bootmii as boot2 then it will load, if it is installed as an IOS go to the Homebrew Channel, press 'home' on your wiimote and select 'Launch Bootmii'.

    b) Use the power/reset/eject buttons to navigate the Bootmii menu and select the icon with the gears on it. If those buttons don't work then you will have to use a Gamecube controller.

    c) Now select the icon with a green arrow pointing from the chip to the SD card and follow the on screen instructions.

    D) In about 10 mins you will have a NAND backup, it is normal to have up to 80 bad blocks so don't worry if you get some.

    e) Put the SD card into PC and copy the NAND backup somewhere safe, you can now delete it from your card. If you installed Bootmii as boot2 then also copy the Bootmii folder to your PC and either delete or rename it, otherwise it will load every time you switch your Wii on.

    -- Assuming thats done

    what are the next steps to getting to play wiiware off the usb fat32 part, and I do have a lot of the files.

    Thanks and take care,

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