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    Jul 17, 2008
    Hi everybody!

    Now i'm making an application to translate NDS games. Everything went right till I found something:

    There are a lot of text types: dialogs, menús, descriptions, and each type has it's own max length. I only used 2 files form the game, 2 .bin files, where are text but not max lengths. If anyone have some idea / trick / solution or something please tell me, i'll be so grateful.


    more info:

    i'm working on translation of a game from English to Spanish, as a initial/learning/test project.

    The people that was translating it take the .bin where is the text, and translate the text using the same length of the original text.

    With my application you read the .bin, and translate the hexadecimal to general characters (like does WinHex and others). Then the people translate the text, and when it's translated, I generate 2 files, the file 'A', where is all the text, and the file 'B', where the application saves the position and length of each text.

    When the application works fine, i'll change it to translate from japanese to english.

    NOTE: i'm spanish, so sorry for my english [​IMG]