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    Mar 28, 2008
    I have this huge project due by the end of the month on the Las Vegas resort called The Venetian. I have tried wiki and the main website but it doesnt tell me anything about what im looking for...just mainly the attractions and facilities.

    I need info on the positive and negative economic, social cultural and enviromental impacts it has made on the host community (las vegas) and country (US). If anyone can find any case studies or news articles regarding this I will love you to the ends of the earth. thanks loads.
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    Las vegas has gambling. Gambling is bad..
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    Something like this?
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    I would think specific statistics on that one resort would be VERY difficult to come by unless you had a connection to someone in the company. A more likely way to find these statistics would be to find out what the Las Vegas or Nevada state chamber of commerce has in terms of information on what you're looking for. Check websites but also realize that you might need to call someone to find out what information you can get. Not everything is on the internet and many things cannot be found via Google. If you're local you might be able to get in and look at paper records at the Chamber of Commerce, the County Clerk's office, or other places like that.

    Search newspaper archives from Las Vegas related to that resort or things related to your research topic. You could also see if any magazine or journal has articles on the topic at hand. Your school probably has access to resources like RILM and JStor that can link you up with thousands of publications. Ask a librarian at your school to show you how to access those databases - you might need to do that from a school computer as those databases require a subscription I believe.
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    Wow...I could hook you up with a soothsayer?

    Short of some serious research and a few interviews with people who are in that area, I have not many ideas where you'd get the info your project.

    Good-luck though, I'll be rooting for you.