1. Cancan

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    Jul 30, 2019
    I have a 3DS XL with Luma running games on micro SD card.. Everything works great with many games except with the Japanese version of Animal Crossing New Leaf and Happy Home Designer. I try to find other cia's for the same games in other websites but I keep getting the error.

    - I tried power+select and "Disable ARM11 exception handlers", but when I launch the game it says that "An error has occurred, forcing the software to close"
    - I tried importing seeds, one of the game its says it fails to import the seed, but doesn't work for the other game that has it.
    - These 2 games shows on the screen of the 3ds menu that needs to be updated, but after doing it it keeps saying that I need to update.

    I need help, since I bought a 3DS and hack it only to play Animal Crossing in Japanese and practice the language.

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