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    [​IMG] Hello World! DSi exploit found already?
    Yasu (Ysmenu author) claims just that!
    Yasu, the author of YSMenu, has posted a video on his Youtube account that claims to show the new Nintendo DSi running a simple homebrew proof of concept - the famous "Hello World!". See for yourself in the player below or visit the Youtube link provided.

    The video shows a bounding box on the upper screen showing the text "Yasu software Hello World!". The touch screen appears to be unused and shows just a white screen. There is no mention on how the hack has been performed, or from where the exploit is running (slot-1 flash cart? SD card? Wi-fi?), hopefully more information will follow soon.

    If this is indeed real, it is surely fantastic news and means that the DSi has been exploited in just 3 days after retail release, with this hack hopefully being the stepping stone to greater things. You may want to take this one with a grain of salt, and don't go jumping up and down until we hear more information on this hack and it's limitations. Stay tuned!

    Update: Yasu has in fact made a post on his website regarding the video (link below), but it is unfortunately in Japanese. There is a rough translation of the news in this forum post. This news piece has been updated to reflect this.

    [​IMG] "My First DSi Hack" by Yasusoft (Youtube)
    [​IMG] Yasu's software homepage with the news (Japanese)
    [​IMG] Discuss

    Hats off to khan for the news tip.

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