Hello! Question: How do i extract romfs from Mario Golf World Tour?

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    Mar 30, 2015
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    I have my Mario Golf World Tour and i have a Cia of the game ;

    So i now about the process with the extract.bat , but i was wondering what info i put in the edit part?

    This is what it says ( i changed the .cia with the name of the actual one)

    Echo OFF
    ctrtool --contents=mk7 MarioGolf.cia > nul
    ren mk7.0000.00000000 mk7_app.cxi
    ren mk7.0000.00000001 mk7_manual.cfa
    ren mk7.0000.00000002 mk7_dlp.cfa
    mkdir ncch
    move mk7_app.cxi ncch > nul
    move mk7_manual.cfa ncch > nul
    mkdir exe
    ctrtool --exefsdir=exe --exheader=exe\exhdr.bin --romfs=romfs.bin ncch\mk7_app.cxi > nul
    ctrtool --romfsdir=romfs romfs.bin > nul
    del romfs.bin

    But it just Divides in into , like 10 ''00000000mk7'' parts and the romfs isn't created.

    Help please :(
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