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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by loss1234, Jan 11, 2007.

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    Jan 11, 2007
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    I am Loss1234 and i just bought my first GBA system this week, (the last system i ever had was years ago) and i got into all this again because of my three yr old son. well i have been playing zelda all week.

    i would love some help figuring out what kind of flash card with reader/writer to buy. i have read tons of FAQS and gone to tons of shops but so many are OUT OF STOCK---why? any advice on what kind of flash to get would help or where to order it from. i never knew it would be so confusing and hard to get! also, with the flash cards where you have to stick in SD cards, how do you write to the sd card? do you have to buy another writer reader for the sd cards?

    anyone used the ewin? that looks good to me..

    and i think i need pogoshell right?? or wrong

    anyway, i am very excited and feel much younger than 31 again.

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    Welcome to GBAtemp.

    It is just past Christmas and new year and judging by the boards many have got flash cards, not to mention many have switched to the DS.

    For GBA support I have no experience with the ewin series by the m3, g6 and EZFlash lines support GBA nicely with the m3 (check you are not getting the pro model as GBA support is limited) and EZ4 (do not get the compact for the same reasons) using external memory. Yes you will need a memory cart reader for the carts that use it (they are damn cheap and your cart may even come with one).
    There have been a bunch of GBA cart threads lately as well as a few game suggestions ones so I suggest looking at those.

    Pogoshell is a simple UI and system of plugins used/usable by some carts but for the most part they all have their own UI
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    Hello, welcome to the forum [​IMG]

    Regarding GBA flashcards, read the official reviews on EZFlash 4, M3 Perfect, and Supercard. You'll find all you need to know, and the final decision is up to you.
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    I knew almost nothin about my system until someone pointed me here. My experience here has been amazing because there's so much information and because the community has been helpful, thoughtful, and even ridiculously funny.

    If you stick around, you'll see what I'm talking about.

    Hiya and welcome loss1234 [​IMG]
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    its nice to find some other GBA users who can help.this site does look really great

    one question, why do so many of these cards go out of stock so often? are they manufactured in low numbers or is it just because there are a limited amount of stores....

    anyone have any top game recommendations?
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    If I were you, I'd pick up a flashcart specifically designed for GBA, not one of these DS flashcards. They don't perfectly run GBA, so you might have some small slowdowns, it's just not the same as with a GBA flashcart, which runs everything at 100% speed, just like the retail version.
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    For recommended GBA games, you should check out this topic Here

    Oh yeah, and welcome to GBATemp loss1234 [​IMG]